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Eaglestor has access to traded energy and commodities worldwide


  • Crude Oil

  • Fuel Oil

  • Middle Distillates

  • Gasoline

  • Naptha

  • Petrochemicals

  • Biofuels

  • Solar

  • Metals

  • Agri Foods

  • Energy Storage Systems

  • Infrastructure

Eaglestor global trading hubs are located in United Kingdom, United States, China, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Australia, Italy, Egypt and UAE. 


We initiate and coordinate the physical transactions that support our customers’ requirements and help maintain the global balance between areas of excess and areas of need.


In a marketplace where we see commodities growing ever more interrelated, Eaglestor's trading is global, multi-commodity and asset-backed. We source, we ship, we store, we blend and we transact. We provide pricing structures and service excellence that create value for our customers throughout the supply chain.

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“Eaglestor is a global business built on service and performance, focusing on creating long-term value for our customers by prioritizing their interests. “

We make trade happen, working reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

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